CDS precision engineering are dedicated to producing the best work possible within the precision engineering market.

The company was established in 1988 with a view to specialising in CNC machining. Steady growth over the years in terms of skilled personnel and most significantly in terms of equipment gas allowed us to build on this aim and cater for some of the more diverse needs of contemporary engineering

All of our equipment is of Japanese origin, boasting the high specification demanded by today’s engineering market. As a result we are able o manufacture high quality components ranging from medium to micro-miniature size – all at cost effective prices.

All of our CNC lathes allow us to offer unmanned running with the use of highly efficient magazine bar feeds. This helps us to meet the most demanding deadlines while keeping prices at a realistic and practical level.

Such a level of services has attracted customers in a variety of industries and today we make components for the following markets:
Aircraft Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Medical Equipment
Dental Equipment
Automotive Equipment
and many other commercial applications including all types of electrical connectors.

Our many years’ experience in CNC machining has helped us to become more versatile in accommodating the widely varying needs of our customer base. For example, we welcome orders ranging from a unique one-off to a batch size of a thousand.

We offer versatility in being able to handle a variety of materials, not only “everyday” metals such as steel and stainless steel, but also more exotic materials, as well as plastic.

We like to develop firm relationships with all of our customers – to really understand their requirements in terms of quality and timing and, in doing, make sure that they return to us time and time again.

Call us now on 01253 885854 or fax us on 01253 885600 and give us the opportunity to quote for you. With our knowledge, we can be a vital component for engineering your future.

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